Scouts visit Cardboard Caving Adventure

1 December 2015 written by : Ethan (Webmaster)

Scouts from Combe Down, visited an artificial caving challenge built by leaders from 66th Bath Scout group, at their Scout hut in Weston over half term. The caves were constructed using cardboard boxes, ladders, crates and other readily available items.

A group of 39 volunteers spent more than 230 hours over four days building the intricate cave system which comprised 5 different sections, each with its own theme. Those who were brave enough to enter the caves faced various challenges on different levels. People of all ages were able to explore the caves and some found it a tighter squeeze than others.

Over the space of a week at least 250 young people from 11 Scout groups including Beavers (6-8 years old), Cubs (8-10.5 years old), Scouts (10.5-14 years old)and Explorers (14-18 years old) got to enjoy the challenges within the labyrinth. The leaders and Network members (18-25 years old) didn’t miss out on the fun either, delving just as deep as the Scouts themselves.

The Beavers were allowed torches but all other sections were expected to navigate through the caves, which included climbing ladders and clambering on and off of tables, in near total darkness.

But darkness was not the only factor the intrepid scouts encountered; in amongst the caves there were animals (including Basil the Basilisk, a Dragon, and a penguin) lying in wait to add to the excitement. All the young people got to go through the caves several times and even had time to break for juice and biscuits, or tea for the leaders.

All who went thoroughly enjoyed their time and wanted to go back again, as well as try out other caving experiences. Three Scouts and two leaders were invested into Scouting during their experience, making it an extra memorable experience.

Setting up the cave was no easy feat requiring over 2.5 km of duct tape and 1,600 cable ties. Two leaders put in 90 hours between them. One such leader, Assistant Cub Scout Leader Charlotte Brewer, said “”The days were really long, but after all the work seeing the completed system was amazing. It was incredibly rewarding to see so many young people enjoy their time in the caves.”

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